Rula Show Results 2011


Show society


Award gained



Bridgend + Dist Op Sh

02/10/11 Alaskan Mal -Grad - 1st Mrs D Stansbury  
Welsh KC Open Show 09/01/11 Alaskan Mal -Grad - 1st Mr K Dover


Cardiff CS Open Sh 29/01/11 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mr G Hill  
Cheltenham & Dist Open Show 27/02/11 Alaskan Mal - PG - RES Mrs V Partridge-Bebb  
Wk & Past Wales Champ Sh 16/04/11 Alaskan Mal - L - 1st Mr G Hill A super quality 2 1/2 year old bitch of impressive look. I liked her profile which is in balance and is complimented by her sound construction. She has a lovely head and expression which I preffered to 2nd. She is in super coat and well muscled and well bodied with strong powerful hindquarters. Moved well and effortlessly and the best of this 
and other bitch classes. Best Bitch in Breed
    Best Bitch    
WELKS Ch Sh 29/04/11 Alaskan Mal - L - RES Ms Marion Sargent  
Sth Tipperary All Breed Ch Sh 30/04/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mr G Maudlen ( Austl)  
    Res Best Bitch    
    Res Green Star    
Fermoy All Breed Int Ch Sh 01/05/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mr F Quilis- Bonet(SP)  
    Res CICAB    
Birmingham Nat Ch Sh 05/05/11 Alaskan Mal - L - RES Mrs M Deats  
Redditch & Dist CS Open Sh 14/05/11 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mrs K Jelfs  
Scottish Kennel C. Ch Sh 21/05/11 Alaskan Mal - L - 1st Mr F Kane Excellent proportions, topline, tail & movement. Femine head . Ears a little pointed. Full of type Res CC
    Res CC Bitch    
Border Union Champ Sh 19/06/11 Alaskan Mal - L - 2nd Mrs C John 2 and half yrs old. Lovely head good length of neck. Correct topline + tail, good bone. Moved well
Blackpool Champ Sh 26/06/11 Alaskan Mal - L - 3rd Mr J Phillips Black and white female very striking with a dark almond shaped eye,soft expression and small well set/shaped ears. I would prefer more width in forechest. Correct front and rear but not much drive as 1 + 2. Roadwork will improve this 
Windsor Champ Show 01/07/11 Alaskan Mal - L - 1st Mr RC Kinsey  At 2yrs she is nearing her full potential.So good in head with correct ratios & dark almond eyes, muscular forehand construction with straight well boned legs & tight feet, well ribbed & deep in chest, straight in back sloping to very well muscled rear giving her the frame to work with & letting her stride out with accuracy & style. Just needs to be controlled better & schooled to finish her off. In full bloom.
East of Eng Champ Sh 09/07/11 Alaskan Mal - Limit - 1st Mrs M L Manning  
    Best Opposite Sex    
    Bitch CC    
Sligo & Dist CC Champ Show 16/07/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Ms M Makinen (FI)  
    Best Bitch    
    Green Star Bitch    
Dundalk & Dist CC Champ Sh 23/07/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mr A De Wilde (Be  
    Res Best Of Breed    
    Green Star Bitch    
Bangor & Nrth Down CC C Sh 30/07/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mr B Busby (USA)  
Dun Laoghaire CS Ch Sh 31/07/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mrs A Cuthbert (Ire)  
Navan Dog Show Ch Sh 13/08/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mrs L Millman (Can)  
    Res Green Star    
Clonmel & District CC Ch Sh 14/08/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mr V O'Brien (Ire)  
    Res Best Of Breed    
    Green Star Bitch    
Killarney & Dist CC Ch Sh 16/08/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mrs L Harwood (Austl)  
    Green Star Bitch    
    Res Best Of Breed    
Welsh Kennel Club Ch Sh 20/08/11 Alaskan Mal - Limit - 1st Mr D Smith  
City of Birmingham Ch Sh 03/09/11 Alaskan Mal - Limit - 1st Mr J Broadberry Full on, ready to go, hard condition, well handled, tight well set ears, feet & muzzle. Excellent in the front. CC
    Best Bitch    
Richmond Champ Sh 10/09/11 Alaskan Mal - Open - VHC Mr B Croft  
Amman Valley CS Open Show 19/11/11 Alaskan Mal -Open -  1st Sue Ader Powerfully Built. Good strong head, excellent bone, moved well in excellent condition BOB
    Best Of Breed    
Amsterdam Winner Champ Show 26.11.11 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Markku Mahonen (Fin)  
    Best Bitch