Sessi Show Results 2019




Nat Working & Past Ch Sh 13.07.19 Open Bitch - 1st       Jenny Shorer-Wheeler 6 yrs dark grey, fully mature and on top form, this girl another I have liked in the past ,
    Best Bitch/CC         and today she had to dig deep, not only to top this smashing class but then to take on
              the Veteran bitch in the Challenge. She has the most lovely eye shape and colour,
              correct broad muzzle and strong skull but still femine, great front with long well laid
              shoulder, echoed by a great return of upper arm, to give that strong chest with the weight
              well under the body. Well ribbed back, strong mopderately angulated hindquarters,
              beautiful plume tail. I was amazed to learn this was her first CC, I do hope the other two
              follow shortly