Rula Show Results 2009


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Southern Counties 07/06/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - VHC Mr Pekka Teini (Fin)  
    Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 2nd    
Exeter + County Open Sh 13/06/09 Alaskan Mal - PG - Res Mr Mike Vines  
Three Counties Champ Show 15/06/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - 3rd Mr Jeff Luscott  
    Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 3rd    
Blackpool Champ Show 28/06/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - 2nd Mrs B Stanier litter sister to 1 . Well balanced girlie again for her age. Feminine head with good earset and eye placement. Correct coat and topline. Good front and rear. Moved soundly.
    Qual Crufts 2010    
Windsor Champ Show 05/07/09 Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 2nd Dr R W James  
Peterborough Champ Sh 12/07/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - 1st Mr T Munro femine head on this 7 month old, dark in colour, well set ears for one so young, displays good strength, straight front and topline, balanced angulation, good compact feet, won on her balanced movement with drive and forereach. BP, although she was beaten in Junior she was allowed to challenge, winning RBB on her gait.
    Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 3rd    
    Best Puppy Bitch    
Leeds Champ Show 26/07/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - 1st Mrs C Chapman  Loved this b/wh with good shape and balance of angulation for age, movement also appropriate for age, but very true.
    Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 1st    
    Best Puppy Bitch    
Treherbert + Dist CS Op Sh 02/08/09 Alaskan Mal -Open - 2nd Mr D Gordon  
    AV Wk Puppy - 1st Mr B Bunce  
Paignton Champ Show 03/08/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - 3rd Mrs K Howarth nice b/w girl,good length of neck, correct topline starting to show ,good bone and angulation, good feet. A little down in pastern.
    Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 2nd    
Bournemouth Champ Show 10/08/09 Alaskan Mal - Jr B- 3rd Mr N Melling  
Vale of Glam Open Show 19/08/09 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mr Roger Vincent  
Welsh KC Champ Sh 22/08/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - Res Mrs E Cartledge  
Monmouthshire Open Sh 27/08/09 Alaskan Mal - Open - 3rd Mr P Greenway  
Leicester City Open Sh 31/08/09 Alaskan Mal - Puppy - 3rd Mr Glynn Payne  
City of Birmingham Ch Sh 05/09/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - 2nd Mr S Phillips litter sister to 1 with femine head and expression, dark eye, super bone. Not moving as well as 1.
    Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 2nd    
Richmond Champ Sh 12/09/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B -1st Mrs Karina Le Mare b/w , in super body and coat, lovely head and eye, good front, good bone, ribs well sprung, feet well padded, good hind angulation, moved out well to take BP.
    Alaskan Mal - Jr B - 1st    
    Best puppy in Breed    
Driffield Championship Sh 01/10/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - VHC Mr Richard Kinsey  
AMUCK Champ Sh
26/09/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - Res Mrs C John  
West Country Dog Club 04/10/09 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 3rd Pauline Sirrell  
    AV Working - Pup - 3rd Flora Denning  
Tredegar & Dist Open Show 17/10/09 Alaskan Mal- Sp Year - 2nd Ms June Miles  
    A V Working - Puppy - 2nd    
Midland Counties Cham Sh 22/10/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup B - Res Mr Anthony Rees  
Pool Canine Club Open Sh 24/10/09 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mrs Jenny Manley  
Torquay and Dist CS Op Sh 31/10/09 Alaskan Mal - PG - Res Mrs M Bryant Placed 4th in a strong breed Graduate class, I see she is the litter sister to my BOB she is a very pretty feminine bitch with a lovely head and expression, well constructed body which needs time to mature , moved well one to watch.
    AV Working - Pup - 1st    
Llanelli + Dist CS Open Sh 07/11/09 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mr Byron Thomas  
    Reserve Best of Breed    
    Best Opposite Sex    
Amman Valley CS Op Sh 21/11/09 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mr Ian Blackshaw  
    A. V Working - 2nd    
Barry,Pen & Sth Glam Op S 22/11/09 AVNSC Wk - Pup - 3rd Ms M Sargent  
The Nordic Open Show 28/11/09 Alaskan Mal - Pup - Res Mrs M Boyd  
    Alaskan Mal - Jr - Res    
LKA Champ Show 13/12/09 Alaskan Mal - Jr B - Res Mr G Rural  
Chepstow + Dist CS Op Sh 20/12/09 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mr M Hardy  
Carmarthen CS Open Sh 21/12/09 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mr Chris Quantrill at just turned 12 months this youngster shows a lot of promise, very nice confirmation, lovely feminine head, good eyes, ears and dentition, nice reach of very strong neck to good shoulders, very good bone to nice straight tight feet, good depth and width of chest, good ribcage and nice level topline, good rear angulation, moved and handled well. Still a little immature for a group placing but will be pushing very soon. Nice sound dog.
    Best of Breed