Our affix is named after the Tokosha Mountain Range in Alaska

Based in Mid Glamorgan where our daily walks have some stunning views.

Breed and Working Clubs:

A list of breed clubs and working organisations:

Alaskan Malamute Club UK - http://www.alaskanmalamute.org.uk/

Alaskan Malamute Club of America - http://www.alaskanmalamute.org/

Siberian Husky Club GB - http://www.siberianhuskyclub.com/

AMWA - http://www.amwa.co.uk/

BSHRA - http://www.huskyracing.org.uk/



Useful links for schedules to shows and online entry:

Fosse Data - http://www.fossedata.co.uk/

PennyPine - http://www.penneypine.co.uk/

CID Web - http://cidweb.co.uk/

Higham Press - http://www.highampress.co.uk/info.asp

Dog.biz - https://www.dog.biz/

Pro Dogs - http://www.prodogs.co.uk/

Print Matters - http://printmatters.info/printmatters3/dogshow/index.html

Our Dogs - http://www.ourdogs.co.uk/

Champ Dogs - http://www.champdogs.co.uk/



Great sites for working, grooming and showing equipment:

Snowpaw Store - http://www.snowpawstore.com/

H.U.B International - http://www.hubint.co.uk/

Deva Dog Wear - http://www.devadogware.com/deva.html

Simpsons - http://www.simpsons-online.co.uk/


Friends and Family of Tokosha:

Hyteton - http://www.hyteton.com/

Sno Klassic - http://www.snoklassic.com/

Wolfraven - http://www.wolfraven.co.uk/

Alaicha - http://alaicha.com/

Sledog - http://www.sledog.com/

Packice - http://packice.co.uk/

Snowolf - http://www.snowolfalaskanmalamutes.com/

Koyukuk - http://www.koyukuk-sleddogs.com/

Cinelli - http://www.champdogs.co.uk/breeder/11099.html

Cherubini - http://www.cherubinimalamutes.com/

Siskara - http://www.siskara.com/

Tailfly - http://www.tailflymalamutes.co.uk/

Libertia - http://www.libertiamalamutes.co.uk/

Kessaku - http://www.kessaku.co.uk/


Other Useful Sites:

Everything else:

Samnooshka Designs - http://www.samnooshkawebdesigns.co.uk/

Sammy Taylor photography - https://www.sammytaylorphotography.fun/