Anuka Show Results 2005


Show society

Date Award gained Judge Reports
Bridgend + Dist Open 2.01.05 AV D/B Puppy Stakes - 2nd Mr Richard Morris  
AVNSC Jr D/B  - Res Mr Frances Krall  
Manchester Champ show 21.01.05 Mal B. Jr B - 2nd Mr R Searle  
Llanelli + Dist Limit 26.02.05 AV Puppy B -  1st         AVNSC Jr D/B - 1st Mrs E Allan- Rossiter  
Treharris + Dist Limit 5.03.05 AV Puppy D/B 1st                       AV Jr D/B - 2nd Mr J. Crossley  
Tredegar + Dist 2.04.05 AV Puppy Bitch  - 1st Mrs E Coleopy  
Merthyr + Dist Open 10 .04.05 AV Working Puppy D/B -  1st Mr. M. Wallis  
    AV Puppy Stakes  D/B  -  3rd Mr J. Mc Manus  
WELKS Champ Show 29.04.05 AVNSC Wk - Puppy Bitch Mrs F. Somerfield  
National Dog Sh Champ Show 5.05.05 Alaskan Mal  Jr B – VHC Mr J. Mc Manus  
    Alaskan Mal Jr B  -  2nd ..  
Bath Canine Champ Show 29.05.05   Mr S. Myring * * Everything is in place but movement needs a lot of work you must work on her movement and get her to co-ordinate
Alaskan Mal PGB   -   2nd
Alaskan Mal Novice -  2nd.
3 Counties Champ Show 13.06.05 Alaskan Mal Puppy B – VHC Mr J. Broadberry  
Alaskan Mal Jr B - Res  
Machen Agri Open 2.07.05 AVNSC Open  -  1st Mr. D. Allsop  ** ** 13 mths old A. Mal b, nice type, nice front, good bone, nice hindquarters,tail set o.k.
BNSC well coated. Moved well and was well presented.Was pleased to award her BNSC
Working Group – 4 Working and eventually Gp 4 in working
Welsh K. Club Champ Show 10.07.05 Alaskan Mal Jr B  -  2nd Mrs S. Ellis  
St Mellons Agricultural Open 10.08.05 AVNSC Working Jr - 1st Mr Jimmy Simpson  
    AVNSC Working PG - 3rd    
Bournemouth Champ Show 14.08.05 Alaskan Mal Limit B - VHC Mrs Sue Smith  
Vale of Glamorgan Open 17.08.05 AVNSC Working PG - 2nd Mr Don Smith  
Welsh K. Club Champ Show 20.08.05 Alaskan Mal Limit B - VHC Mr S Luxmore  
Pontarddulais Agri Open Show 29.08.05 AV Working - Jr. - 1st Mr.PCF Perrett  
    AV Working - PG - 1st    
City of Birmigham Ch Show 3.09.05 Alaskan Mal Jr B  -  Res Mrs BV Greenland  
    PGB - VHC    
Tongwynlais Open Show 25.09.05 AVNSC Working -PG- 1st Mr J. Fothergill # # Very well grown Malamute in good form,pleasing head and eye,nice front,showed well
Newport and Dist Open Show 1.10.05 AV Working - Jr - 1st Mrs S Sevastopulo *** *** Lovely overall shape and stance, her good construction stands out.
    AVNSC Working Open - Res With more ring practice she should do well, super sound mover.
Treharris and District Open Sh. 8.10.05 AVNSC Working Open -1st Mr. K.Derry  
    BNSC Gp Winner    
Tredegar and Dist. Open Show 22.10.05 AVNSC Wk Open- 3rd Mrs P Patch  
    AV Rare Breed - PG - 1st Mr Lennart Stahle  
    Best Rare Breed    
Llanelli and Dist Open Show 5.11.05 AVNSC - PG - 1st Mrs J.Vaughan ## ##  Alaskan Malamute bitch of excellent construction.Excelled in forehand with good breadth.Firm on the
    AVNSC - Open - Res   move holding her shape and topline
Blackwood and Dist Open Sh 13.11.05 AVNSC - JR - 1st Mr Everett Massey  
    AVNSC - PG - Res    
Amman Valley C. S Open Sh 19.11.05 Alaskan Mal - 2nd Mrs Rose Stretton  
    AV Wk/Past - PG - 1st    
Barry/Penarth/Sth.Glam Op Sh 27.11.05 AVNSC Wk Open - 3rd Mrs Jayne Such  
Chepstow and Dist Open Show 17.12.05 Alaskan Mal - Sp Year - 1st Mr Brian Cummings  
    Alaskan Mal -Open - 1st    
    Best in Breed