Our affix is named after the Tokosha Mountain Range in Alaska

Based in Mid Glamorgan where our daily walks have some stunning views.

Breeding Policy


To be accepted onto our waiting list, we require you to email or write to us describing yourself, your home and surroundings, your family, your interest in dogs and other pets, indicating why you think a Mal is for you, we will invite you to our home where you can meet us and our dogs. We will only accept you onto our list if you can convince us that you can offer one of our puppies a good home. We also advise coming to see our dogs working and/or showing.

All our dogs are eye tested and hip scored and will only be bred from if tested clear from HC (Hereditary Cateracts) and other eye diseases and have a satisfactory hip score result. We also test our dogs for the long coat gene and also elbow score as we expect our dogs to be able to work long into their lives.

We also expect our breeding stock to have exceptional temperaments. We expect them to be pets first and show/work dogs second. As responsible owners we expect you to carry on the socialising the puppies receive here, as a good show and working dog must also be well socialised to be able to do their job well. So that you can continue the socialising that they will receive with us, our puppies will leave us between the age of 10 and 12 weeks, fully vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. They will also leave with a "care package" containing biscuit & meat food bags, with a 5 generation pedigree, with their KC registration papers, with their inoculation card and with copies of parents health certificates.

We will always give life time back up to any puppy owner and should you decide that for any reason you can no longer keep your puppy, then we will always take the dog back. We only breed when we wish to add to our own pack, and always breed within the guidelines of the Code of Ethics set out by our breed club.We will only breed to our interpretation of the breed standard and will not bend to fashion trends.

All puppies will be sold with a contract, detailing the endorsements placed on the registration document which will include “Progeny not eligible for registration” and “Not eligible for issue of export pedigree” amongst other conditions. Puppies sold as pets will be required to be neutered by 1 1/2 years of age, a veterinary certificate to show this will enable you to request our contribution towards this cost. On no account will the “Progeny not eligible for registration” endorsement be lifted on pet dogs regardless of ANY circumstances.

Show prospect puppies are just that, we do not guarantee that such puppies will be world beaters, however we would never encourage any of our puppies to be shown that do not meet the standard. We will not home to pure show homes and your puppy will be expected to have a job to do when he/she is older, be it backpacking, weight pull, sledding or walking. They are not the pet for everyone and require a "job" to keep them happy and not destroying your home.

Our dogs are part of our family, and by having one of our puppies, you will be joining our family too. Our conditions may be strict, but we do it for the love of our breed and to protect our puppies and future generations.

If you would like to contact us, please email us using the Contact Form on the left.