Jin Show Results 2018


Mouscron Int Sh 28.0118 Puppy - 1st       Zlarina Davidovska (BG)  
    Best Puppy in Breed          
Maidenhead & Dist OP Sh 18.02.18 Puppy - 1st       Lucy Barnes  
    Best Puppy in Breed          
Bridgend & Dist Op Sh 8.04.18 AV Puppy - 1st       Leanna Lewis  
    AVNSC Puppy - 2nd          
Antwerp Int 21.04.18 Junior       Mrs B Beare (Ir)  
    Best Jr / Ex          
Birmingham National Ch Sh 10.05.18 Puppy - 1st       Tom Mather well -balanced with the most attractive head and expression. Decent forehand
    Best Puppy Dog         but could be a little tighter in elbow. Good spring of rib and strong loin. Shown in very
              good coat and condition. Pleasing light action. Best Dog Puppy
Scotish KC Champ Sh 19.05.18 Puppy - 2nd       Betty Peach another charming lad with a lot to admire about him, quality head and he is nicely
              constructed throughout, moved with style and determination around the ring. One to watch
Bath CS Champ Sh 28.05.18 Puppy- 1st       Hazel Fitzgibbon  
    Junior - 3rd          
World Japanese Dog Sh 2.06.18 Junior-1st       Angelica Kammerscheid-Lammers (DE) - Very typical, correct proportions, head with correct ears,
    WJD 2018 Y Winner         well-defined stop, dark eyes, scissor bite, neck moderartely long, back straight and short,
              correct underline, high tailset, forequarters parallel and straight with cat feet, hindquarters
              well developed, exc coat, good movement, friendly
3 Counties Ch Sh 8.06.18 Puppy - 3rd       Andrew Holland  
Carmarthen CS Op Sh 23.0618 Open -1st       Kevin Young  
    BOB BPIB          
East Of England Ch Sh 07.07.18 Junior- 3rd       Margaret Craig  
Langstone & Dist CS Op Sh 22.97.18 AVNSC OP - 2nd       Eddie Bishop Superb pigment back nose and tight black lips dark eyes perfect bite pure white coat
              groomed to perfection short back well sprung ribs well plumed tail pushed hard for first
WORLD DOG SHOW 2018              
Benelux Winner 9.08.18 Junior - 1st       Kari Jarvinen (FI)  
    Best Junior in Breed          
    Benelux Jr Winner 2018          
Specialities 10.08.18 Jr - 4th       Maria Gabriela Veiga (PT)
WDS 12.08.18 Jr - Graded Ex       Satoshi Bessho (JP)  
Scotland Ch Sh 26.08.18 Junior - 2nd       Jeff Horswell  
Darlington Ch Sh 14.09.18 Junior - 3rd       Mr M Freeman  
Amman Valley CS Op Sh 3.11.18 Grad - 1st       Mrs Sue Bojanski-  
Port Talbot & Neath CS Op Sh 11.11.18 Grad - 1st       Fred Ellingford  
Dortmund International Shows              
Bundessieger Sh 16.11.18 Junior - 1st       Ursula Meyer (DE)  
Jugendsieger 2018   Best Jr- Jugendsieger 18          
International Sh 17.11.18 Junior - 1st       Elena Agafonova (I)  
    Best Jr - Herbst-Jugendsieger          
Kortrijk 18.11.18 Junior -2nd       Myriam Vermeire(BE)  
Brussels Trophy Int 8.12.18 Junior - 1st       Carsten Birk (DK)  
    Best Junior          
Brussels Dog Sh Int 9.12.18 Junior - 2nd       Unto Timonen (FI)  
LKA Champ Sh 15.12.18 Junior - 1st       Debi Nicholls  
    Res CC