Call name: Oki

Breed: Japanese Akita

DOB: 1/12/1996 - September 2008

Sire: Taisho Nomi No Ichi Bear

Dam: Nikasuko Designers Orange

Breeders:Mr P.I.Jennings & Mrs L Gutierrez Jennings

Colour: Black and white

We decided on an Akita when we were informed that the Malamute waiting lists were approx 3 years. Oki picked us and stole our hearts he was one of 3 pups left from a litter and he sat next to Terry’s foot and did not move until he decided he required to relieve himself in the garden and then went promptly to bed. From the start we knew he was very independent and how !!

He was a show stopper and cars would stop for people to question us about him. Many told us afterwards that we should have showed him as he was a fine specimen.

A dominant dog that required a lot of time and great deal of patience to be obedience trained. Trained to advanced level he will always be our best and special boy. Regularly he showed Anuka his strength and speed by running at her, on our beach escapades. She then used us as a barrier to ward him off.

Daily he loved to sit at our window and survey the land outside and positioned himself to be ready to bark at any unsuspecting caller.

He will be missed and in our daily thoughts for a lifetime to come.

Sleep well faithful friend.