Our affix is named after the Tokosha Mountain Range in Alaska

Based in Mid Glamorgan where our daily walks have some stunning views.

About Us

Owners of an Alaskan Malamute since 2004. First seeing a Malamute whilst skiing in Canada during 1989, we were impressed by the size and a stunningly marked, smiling, friendly face. We were smitten and when we sadly lost our Rottweiler Jade in 1997 we then made moves to try to obtain a Malamute, to be only told that during this time there could be up to 3 years waiting lists. I was desperate to fill the void that Jade had left in our daily life. So we were then were advised to try an Akita ‘Oki’ came bouncing into our lives and we have not looked back on the Spitz breeds since and find them quite unique as far as dogs go.

We very were lucky to have our first Malamute, Anuka, from a local breeder ‘Blaidderia’, and surprisingly she is from the original kennel line we contacted all those years ago - ‘Seacourt’.

My career at work and in the netball world gave some time for obedience training to aid us with our new found friends. Since finishing work I devote the majority of my day to the dogs and enjoy walking and cycling around the local countryside and beaches - ‘chilling out’ with my dogs who are solid lifetime companions.

Showing was a new hobby for ‘Anuka’ and myself; learning together – what better way? I was delighted with ‘Anuka’s’ progress in the ring and tried to keep everything in perspective and not rush her or develop her too quickly. Often the pressure was and is on me on not letting them down.

Breeding my first litter in 2008 Anuka had 7 beautiful puppies of which I kept a male and female. Toko and Rula both have had an amazing showing career over the years, and they have filled our days with so much pleasure.

My second litter in 2013 produced 3 pups, 2 males and 1 female. We welcomed our new home-bred girl, Sessi who never ceases to entertain us.

Siku, Toko’s and Rula’s sister returned to us in 2014 it was a hard lesson to learn when things go wrong with owners. She is a pleasure to have here and we aim to give her as good a life as we can. Please read their pages to learn more about our dogs.


Avril and Terry Roper
Mid Glamorgan
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