Jin Show Results 2019

Manchester Ch Sh 20.01.19 Post Grad - 3rd       Jane Lilley  
Utility Breeds Ass Of Wales Op 2.02.19 Post Grad - 1st       Meg Purnell -Carenter 18 mths. Very balanced good head and expression super coat with a lovely outline,
    Best Of Breed         extremely sound on the move Best Of Breed
Douai Int Ch Day 1 9.02.19 Interm - 1st       Jean-Claude Klein (Fr)  
    BOB CACIB/CAC          
Day 2 10.02.19 Interm - 1st       Roger Barenne (Fr)  
    BOS CACIB/CAC          
Llynfi Valley 17.02.19 Open - 1st       Stephen Goodwin Nice dog good body & shape, pleasing head with good ear set, correct eye, good
    BOB         pigmentation. Moved well in both directions and presented in very good condition.
Bridgend & Dist Op Sh 3.03.18 Open - 1st       Heather Hall 19 month old male, just loved him his head, ears, eye and bite all to breed standard. His
    BOB         movement was beautiful to watch and he worked effortlessley to show himself off BOB
Llanelli & Dist Op Sh 13.04.19 Open - 1st         Immaculately presented 2 year old male, dark eyes of correct shape, straight front, tight
    BOB       F Krall feet, well sprung ribs, correct body proportions, active sound mover. BOB
National Dog Sh 10.05.19 PG- 2nd       Barry Day  
Scottish KC Ch Sh 19.05.19 PG - 1st       Mrs M Reed-Peck Excellent make shape and balance with good reach of neck. Head properties very good would
              prefer a better eye shape
Southern C's Ch Sh 2.06.19 PG - 1st       Marja Talvitie ( Fin)  
Carmarthen CS Op Sh 29.05.19 Open - 1st       Lionel Prouve  2yr old male of lovely balance, level topline, good tailset & carriage. Beautiful coat condition. 
    BOB          Good muzzle length tapering to black nose, correct small triangular ears, nicely carried. 
              Eye could be slightly darker and would like a little more width in back-end BOB
East Of Eng Ch Sh 7.07.19 Limit - 2nd       Jim Peach  
Langstone & Dist Op Sh 21.07.19 Open - 1st       Tracey Morgan  
Leeds Ch Sh 27.07.19 Limit - 2nd       R Stevenson Reynolds  Slightly bigger than 1 but full of quality. Correct head in good proportion. Lovely neat
              ears, defined stop dark oval eyes. Excellent pigmentation. Good bone and angulation,
              presenting a pleasing outline. Lovely quality coat. Moved well.
Bleiswijk Int Sh 03.11.19 Open - 1st       Z Blomqvist (SE)  
Neath + Port talbot Op Sh   1st Open        Gary Quest 2 yr old dog of correct type.
    BOB         Pleasing head with wedge shaped skull, correct scissor bite dark oval eyes with dark rims.
              Erect ears, profuse, white coat in excellent condition, well balanced body with good bone,
              he moved very well in a typical manner, which won himthe class and BOB
Brussels INT CH Show 15.12.19 1st Open        Petr Rehanek (CZ)